Young Business Network

Young Business Network Young Business Network Site: Mission YBN is a network of young people active around the world aimed to contribute to competitiveness and regional growth through an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation.

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Inštitut Libertas

Inštitut Libertas Inštitut Libertas Site: Mission By promoting an open and critical debate Institute Libertas contributes to the state of public discourse in Slovenia, and helps its young professionals pave the way towards more liberty and prosperity. In pursuit of this goal the Institute organizes [...]

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Danube Institute

Danube Institute Danube Institute Site: Mission The Danube Institute exists to provide an independent center of intellectual debate for conservatives and classical liberals and their democratic opponents in Central Europe. Based in Budapest and Washington it seeks to engage with centre-right institutions, scholars, political [...]

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Institutul de Economie Mondiala

Institutul de Economie Mondiala Institutul de Economie Mondiala Site: Mission The Institute of World Economy (IWE) of the Romanian Academy is an organization of research and development of national interest. Between 1967-1990, IEM has operated under the Ministry of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, and developed [...]

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University of Donja Gorica

University of Donja Gorica University of Donja Gorica Site: Mission UDG's mission is to develop the spirit of freedom, individualism, entrepreneurship and economic liberalism; to develop research methodology and promote innovation; to equip our students with knowledge and skills needed for the success on global markets; to [...]

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INESS INESS Site: Mission Institute of Economic and Social Studies is a non-governmental and apolitical independent think tank in Bratislava, Slovakia. INESS monitors the functioning and financing of the public sector, evaluates the effects of legislative changes on the economy and society, conducts in-depth analyses [...]

INESS 2017-02-17T10:19:45+00:00 B.M. TeldersFoundation B.M. TeldersFoundation B.M. TeldersFoundation Site: Mission The B.M. TeldersFoundation is a Dutch liberal think tank, affiliated to the Dutch political party VVD. The foundation is named after Benjamin Telders, a lawyer and philosopher, who was chair of the Liberal State Party (a predecessor of [...] B.M. TeldersFoundation 2017-02-11T11:43:43+00:00

Ayn Rand Institute

Ayn Rand Institute Ayn Rand Institute Site: Mission ARI fosters a growing awareness, understanding and acceptance of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, in order to create a culture whose guiding principles are reason, rational self-interest, individualism and laissez-faire capitalism­­ — a culture in which individuals are [...]

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Danish Students for Liberty

Danish Students for Liberty Danish Students for Liberty Site: Mission Danish Students For Liberty is the Danish chapter of Students For Liberty. Students For Liberty is a rapidly growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world. Our mission is to educate, develop, and empower [...]

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El Club de los Viernes

El Club de los Viernes El Club de los Viernes Site: Mission El Club de los Viernes is a grassroot movement born in December 2014 to become a fence against the collectivist and liberticidal wave that threatens our liberties system. El Club is a nonpartisan platform that [...]

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