Schwarz, Karl-Peter

Karl-Peter Schwarz Karl-Peter Schwarz has a degree in History and Roman Philology from the Vienna University and started a Journalist´s career in the 1980ies. After years of serving as a Foreign Correspondent for Austrian newspapers, radio and television in Prague and Rome he became Senior Editor at the Wirtschaftsblatt and later Vice Editor [...]

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Rūkas, Vaidotas

Vaidotas Rūkas Vaidotas Rūkas graduated economic studies at Vilnius University. 2007 Vaidotas started working in the asset management group Invalda INVL, where he now is a chief investment officer and specializes in Eastern Europe and Baltic stock markets. Since 2012 Vaidotas is also a member at Investuotojų asociacija.

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Błoński, Mieczysław

Mieczysław Błoński Vice-president at Łazarski University and Dean of Faculty of Law and Administration. PhD in Economics in the field of management. In 1988-2009, managing director, general director, country manager and president of the management board of Polish and foreign companies. Secretary General and Vice President of the Association of Polish Economists. Member of several [...]

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Lesik, Marcel

Marcel Lesik Marcel Lesik - business consultant, economic analysis graduate, foreign policy expert and free market economy activist. Participant of various international economic and political conferences, e.g. OECD Forum in Paris or Economic Forum in Krynica. Frequent author of articles mainly about US and UK's politics - his works were published in MyCompany, Centre of [...]

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Vainienė, Rūta

Rūta Vainienė Rūta Vainienė is a Lithuanian economict, LLRI president (2008-2011), member of Vilnius city council (since 2007). Worked in Germany’s central bank, New York federal reserves bank, International Monetary Fund, USA Economic Institute and the Hudson Institute. Rūta is an author of economic dictionary and several hundred publications.

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Łaszek, Aleksander

Aleksander Łaszek Graduate of doctoral studies at Warsaw School of Economics. Chief Economist and Vice-President at Civil Development Forum (FOR), with which he is professionally connected for five years. In his works concerns mainly on long-term economic growth and structural changes issues. He is an author FOR’s analyses as well as awareness-rising projects, such as [...]

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Chmielowski, Marcin

Marcin Chmielowski Since 2012 a vice-president of the Poland-based Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (Fundacja Wolności i Przedsiębiorczości) - educational think tank focused on promoting libertarian agenda. Marcin holds a Ph.D. in political philosophy and an M.A. in political science, and he has a postgraduate diploma in central banking. He is the author of one book [...]

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Barczentewicz, Mikołaj

Mikołaj Barczentewicz Mikołaj Barczentewicz is pursuing a doctorate in law at the University of Oxford, where he also teaches constitutional law and legal philosophy. He specialises in constitutional law of the United Kingdom and has published on the relationship UK law has with European Union law. Mikołaj provided commentary on the Brexit litigation before the [...]

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Domaradzki, Spasimir

Spasimir Domaradzki Assistant professor, Chair of the Department of Government Studies at the Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland. Member of the editorial board of Res Publica Nova. Wilbur Fellow at the Russell Kirk Center in Mecosta, Michigan and Catholic University in America in 2008 and the Sofia University Center for Excellence in 2010. Member of the [...]

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Gawrońska-Nowak, Bogna

Bogna Gawrońska-Nowak Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University. She has an expertise in macromodelling with special focus on modelling instabilities and measuring policy effectiveness. She was consulting macroeconomic aspects of the Free Trade Agreements implementation in Poland for the European Commission Representation in Poland. She was also [...]

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