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Gajić, Mihailo

Mihailo Gajić Mihailo Gajic is an economist from Belgrade. He is economic research director at the Libertatian club Libek, a think tank in Belgrade, Serbia. He provides research for evidence based policy making, in order to promote free market solutions for social problems. Mihailo regularly publishes articles in leading Serbian weekly and daily newspapers on [...]

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Todorić, Nikola

Nikola Todorić Nikola Todorić is a political science student at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, where he also teaches Contemporary political economy as a student-assistant. His main areas of research are political economy, ideas of classical liberalism and spontaneous order, and philosophy and methods of social science. He is a former European [...]

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FMRS 2017 in Stockholm

The following article on the Free Market Road Show 2017 in Stockholm was posted by Svensk Tidskrift: Frihetlig turné på besök i Stockholm Den 31 mars stod Svensk Tidskrift tillsammans med Skattebetalarnas Förening värd för världens största libertarianska arrangemangs Sverigebesök när Free Market Road Show kom till Nalen och Stockholm. [...]

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Butler, John

John Butler John Butler has over 20 years experience in international finance. He has served as a Managing Director for bulge-bracket investment banks on both sides of the Atlantic in research, strategy, asset allocation and product development roles, including at Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers. He has advised some of the world's largest [...]

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Stankevičius, Povilas

Povilas Stankevičius Povilas Stankevičius graduated finance and economic studies at the prestigious Lancaster University (UK), and completed his practical placement period at Finasta investment bank and the pension fund management company MP Pension Funds Baltic; Povilas Stankevičius was also one of the managers of the investment and finance community at the University of Lancaster for [...]

Stankevičius, Povilas 2017-04-11T08:30:15+00:00

Harold, Mark Adam

Mark Adam Harold Mark Adam Harold is the only non-citizen ever to swear on the Lithuanian Constitution. He immigrated from Britain in 2005 soon after Lithuania joined the European Union, and was elected to Vilnius City Council ten years later. Mark is a pro-european, pro-NATO, pro-business, pro-equality, independent liberal. He has never joined any political [...]

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Muhović, Adis

Adis Muhović Adis Muhović is Executive Director at CPU. Prior to joining the CPU Adis worked at the UNDP Communications and PR Office. Previously, Adis worked as designer and online & social media marketing expert. He's currently attending master's study in international relations and diplomacy at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. [...]

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Kokotović, Aleksandar

Aleksandar Kokotović Aleksandar Kokotović graduated from the University of Belgrade with a Bachelors degree Political Science. He is also a Marketing Coordinator for the libertarian club, Libek, in Serbia. Aleksandar first got in touch with libertarian ideas during his first year of studies in the Faculty of Political Science, although he believes he was always [...]

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Minov, Darjan

Darjan Minov Darjan Minov is the president of the Sarajevo based libertarian think tank Liberal Forum and former law and arts management student. He is a project manager, coordinator and assistant for various NGO's with experience that ranges from local activities and events to various regional and international programs. Before joining libertarian movements [...]

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Ossowski, Yaël

Yaël Ossowski Yaël Ossowski is public relations director for the Consumer Choice Center, and senior development officer for Students For Liberty. He was previously Watchdog.org’s Florida Bureau Chief, chief Spanish translator, and national investigative reporter from 2012-2015. Yaël has worked as a multimedia journalist across the United States, Canada, and Europe, and his [...]

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