2017 FMRS #28: Zürich

Welche Welt mit Brexit und Trump? Die LI-Konferenz vom 26. April befasste sich mit der aktuellen Weltlage und den Auswirkungen gewichtiger politischer Entscheide in den USA und Grossbritannien. Für viele Beobachter kam der Beschluss Grossbritanniens, aus der EU auszutreten, völlig überraschend. In der Tat stellt der Austritt aus der EU eine Zäsur auf dem Pfad [...]

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2017 FMRS #26: Zagreb

The Free Market Road Show started ten years ago visiting just four cities. This year we will visit more than forty. This exponential growth has been possible in part to great partners such as the Center for the Renewal of Culture and the Financial Club. These groups are the co-hosts of the FMRS stop [...]

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2017 FMRS #24: Ljubljana

The Free Market Road Show will be visiting forty five cities in forty different countries until May 23rd. In this framework, the FMRS made a stop at the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. Teaming up with the local Institute Libertas ( ) we presented a program that featured speakers such as Robert Murphy, Christopher Lingle, and [...]

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2017 FMRS #22: Tirana

The Free Market Road Show, which is the biggest libertarian event on Earth, visited Tirana in times of political turmoil. We co-hosted the event with Foundation for Economic Freedom ( It was a magnificent event with more than 150 people – most of them from the business community. It was precisely Besart Kadia, our [...]

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The Moral Basis of Capitalism

Lecture under the auspices of the Free Market Road Show by Professor Andrew Bernstein The Moral Basis of Capitalism: This talk opens by doing what is rarely done in political discourse: It provides rigorous definitions of such key concepts as “capitalism,” socialism,” and “mixed economy.” On this foundation, it shows that capitalism, the system of [...]

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