2017 FMRS #12: Brussels

Taking place in the political heart of a troubled Europe, the Brussels stop of the Free Market Road Show, in collaboration with the Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe, and the Alliance of Reformists and Conservatives in Europe (ACRE), did not disappoint. Inside a full room within the European parliament, a combination of direct collaborators of [...]

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2017 FMRS #11: Paris

Starting off the second full week the Free Market Road Show, the road show was brought to Paris, the city of lights, to discuss how France, in a climate of major economic and political reconfiguration, can morph in order to emerge from stagnation and regain economic competitiveness. Despite being confronted to a reduced crowd, [...]

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2017 FMRS #9: Santiago de Compostela

Unlike Europe's economy, the Free Market Road Show is growing rapidly and strongly. On March 24th the FMRS visited Santiago de Compostela for the first time – starting what we hope may become a traditional stop of the Road Show. Teaming up with the local Asociación Xoan de Lugo we hosted a magnificent event [...]

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