2017 FMRS #6: Madrid

The Free Market Road Show visited the Spanish capital – Madrid. More than four hundred people packed the venue and listened to great speakers. The event was kickstarted by Juan Ramón Rallo – the academic director of Instituto Juan de Mariana. Rallo made a strong defense of the process of globalization. According to the [...]

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2017 FMRS #4: Iași

For the second event of the week in the Eastern Europe tour, the FMRS was taken to Iasi, Romania, in front of a packed room, with enthusiastic students queuing outside the auditorium to acquire a seat. As opening remarks, Raluca Munteanu, an alumni of the university working for United Business Center, a key partner of [...]

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2017 FMRS #3: Gran Canaria

The Free Market Road Show came back to the Canary Islands. Partnering once again with the Instituto Atlántico we visited Gran Canaria this time. The main topics of the event were trade issues and education. On the former, María Blanco opened the panel clearly stating that “protectionism does not protect anybody.” The Spanish intellectual [...]

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2017 FMRS #1: Prague

The Continental conversation that is the Free Market Road Show started in Prague in March 16th. It will continue until May 23rd. The Prague event could not have been a better first step for this year’s Road Show. Our new local partners of CERGE EI Foundation made a fantastic job and a packed house [...]

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Launching FMRS 2017

Ten years of success! In 2017 we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with all our friends worldwide! The FMRS Local Partners gathered together during the last weekend, in Vienna, to prepare one of the most amazing Road Shows that they have ever presented to you! Click here to take a look at [...]

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